Silvery Jewellery Range from Harris & D’arcy Jewellers

When looking for a jewellery masterpiece don't miss out on our silvery jewellery range, our sterling silver 925 products are durable, hypoallergenic and easy to maintain. 


We stock a range of silvery jewellery products all embossed with the 925 silver stamp of guarantee. Our range expands from modern silver jewellery for women to a variety of silver jewellery for men.


Silver Charms

When looking for the perfect way to express love or gratitude, what could do a better job than one of our sterling silver charms for bracelets? The message behind the collection of silver charms for a silver charm bracelet is always so much more than a piece of silver jewellery to the people who receive it. Whether shopping for yourself, a loved one or a friend, express yourself with a Silver charm from our selections.


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Silver Earrings

For many people walking out the house without earrings on feels like you are half naked. We understand this and our range of silver earrings will not only complete your outfit but add so much more to your look. We have a variety of products from silver stud earrings, silver heart drop earrings, pearl drop earrings,  silver hoop earrings and many other pure sterling silver earrings available. For an extensive range and uniquely designed silver earrings online, you have come to the right place.


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Silver Pendants and Silver Necklace

If you are looking to buy a silver pendant to complement your silver necklace, we have a unique range of sterling silver pendants in various designs ranging from hearts, crowns, the tree of life and many other unique designs. For quality silver pendants for your silver pendant necklace, we can fill your needs.


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Silver Rings

A ring is undoubtedly one of the most unique pieces of jewellery anyone can give or receive. The circle of a ring is a symbol of love for many, an eternal sign of commitment for some. We have a range of sterling silver rings for sale. Sterling silver rings for women and sterling silver rings for men.  Apart from our ever popular plain sterling silver rings, we also have sterling silver ring with unique blue topaz, emerald, iolite and citrine, all beautifully designed as a true masterpiece of silver jewellery.


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Silver Bangles and Silver Bracelets


What is a more beautiful sound than the jangle of Silver bangles? Choose your unique treasure from our selection of silver bangles, sterling silver bracelets, sterling silver charm bracelets and silver cuff bracelets.  Our range of silver bracelets for women will be music to your ears.


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Generic Silver Jewellery

If you are looking for a more affordable option we also stock generic silver jewellery. We understand the importance of completing the perfect look for any day whether it is work or play, you need the right ring, necklace or bracelet. We have a wide variety of uniquely designed jewellery pieces to suit any occasion for you or that special person in your life. 


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Browse our range and explore the true beautify and love behind a specially crafted piece of jewellery, at affordable prices from Harris & D’arcy Jewellers